Robinson Crusoe Quote

"He preferred, however, "gourmandization," was an idolater of a certain decent, commodious fish, called a turtle, and worshipped the culinary image wherever he nozed it put up."
---The Contradiction (1796)

Friday, 2 August 2013

Toad-in-the-Hole Revisited

I'm pleased to report that Homo Gastronomicus was recently featured in the Telegraph UK.

In her piece "Potted Histories" (July 24, 2013) Leah Hyslop discusses the beloved English dish "Toad in the Hole," bringing the dish's early history discussed in one of my earlier posts up to the present day.  Despite its humble origin, I was amused to learn that Pippa Middleton is a great fan of this hearty pub food, although she includes some extra flourishes such as Parma ham.

Check out Leah's article here.

Thanks very much for the shout-out!