Robinson Crusoe Quote

"He preferred, however, "gourmandization," was an idolater of a certain decent, commodious fish, called a turtle, and worshipped the culinary image wherever he nozed it put up."
---The Contradiction (1796)

Monday, 16 May 2011

The Sandwich-Man of Clerkenwell

In my last Treatise to the Publick, I promised my Readers that I would address a very peculiar Rumour concerning Sandwiches in Clerkenwell that are fresh, healthfull, and pleasing to both the Taste and Wallet.  My Curiosity piqu'd, and Appetite whet (I had been reading about the Lord Mayor's Banquet all Morning) I set out to taste these Sandwiches of legend.

This journey from the Archive was but severall Blocks, and when I came to the Destination (a Garage on E------ Street) my Eyes were confounded by the impressive Selection at hand.

Selection at the Sandwich-Man
Persons of all Kinds grappled for Chicken Piri-Piri Baguettes, and rifled through Hummus Wraps, and so I was loathe to excessively linger.  But just as I was about to pay for my Sandwich, I became privy to a whole Range of additional Offerings: Sallets, Samosas, Muffins, Crisps, Granola Bars and fresh Fruit.  And as the female Palate is inevitably prejudiced in Favour of the Vegetable Kingdom, I readily purchased two Sallets in addition to the Sandwich.  Total cost: 3.30.

Roast-Beef and Egg-and Cress (90p)
The Egg-Sallet hath much Flavour and a pleasing Texture.  The Roast-Beef with Arugala was a little dry to my Palate, which I believe could have been partially ameliorated by dressing the Sandwich with Mayo in addition to the French Mustard.

Halloumi Sallet (90p)

The Halloumi Sallet contain'd Tomatoes, Snap Pease, Halloumi Cheese, Spinage, Cabbage and Rice, accompany'd with a Balsamick Dressing on the Side.  While the Cheese was a little Salty to my Taste (as Halloumi is often wont to do) and the Rice slightly deficient in Flavour (and methinks slightly superfluous to the overall Sallet Composition at large) I nevertheless found the Ingredients fresh, and well worth the 90p price tag.

The Winner: Chicken Biryani
Sallet (1.50)
As my Eye's Lust had far exceeded that of my Appetite, I was not able to give you an account of the Chicken Biryani Sallet: which contain'd Rice, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Chickpeas, Sultana-Grapes and Grilled-Chicken.  However, I had the good Fortune to eat this Hindoo Delight just now, wash'd down with a goodly English Ale.  In terms of Flavour, it hath far exceeded the rest; the Chicken was tender and well season'd to the Taste, containing hints of Coriander, Mint and Lemon.

But the Hour grows late, worthy Reader, and so I put down my pen, writes,

The New Arabella,